Cultivating Self Care

Cultivating Self Care

There is so much wisdom to be gained from our bodies and the way we treat it, yet the concept of self-care is often viewed as a luxury that many people believe they don’t have time or money for. However, far from being selfish and indulgent, self-care is fundamental to our health and wellbeing and becomes even more vital during perimenopause and menopause.

Self-care is health care.
— Dr Mariza Snyder

In the day to day hustle that is our life, we can often take our wonderful body for granted, so cultivating a daily self care practice to remind ourselves to pay attention to our greatest asset is essential. What’s even better, the impact of taking this time can be transformative in all aspects of our lives.

If you’re ready to up level your self-care practice, I offer a 12 week Cultivating Self Care programme:

  • Weeks 1-7 are about laying some solid foundations. Using the Chakra System as a foundation, we explore 7 key areas of your health and wellbeing. We discuss the power of intention, the importance of ritual, and consider different self-care practices to support you in developing a healthy and positive mindset. We also talk about how to tackle the sabotaging inner gremlins that like to take over! By the end of Week 7 you will have some clear intentions for your own self care.

  • In weeks 8-11 we shift focus to our bodies and what nourishes and nurtures her.  We look at toxicity and how natural remedies like essential oils can help us not only emotionally and physically, but practically too. We move into action during these weeks to implement your self care plan.

  • Week 12 is about fine-tuning everything and creating a realistic self-care plan that can be easily adapted to accommodate changes in your busy life.

This bespoke 12 week Cultivating Self Care Programme includes:

  • Foundation Conversation // 60-minute in-person or Facetime/Skype call.

  • Connection Sessions // 5 further 60-minute in-person or online sessions to support you.

  • Fortnightly Action Plans // Personalised goals and recommended practices to explore.

  • Ongoing Email Support // Weekly email check-ins and motivation between sessions.

By the end of 12 weeks you will:

  • Have a better understanding of the importance of intentional self-care practices and the tools that can support you.

  • Know what natural remedies can assist you in mindfulness and manage stress and anxiety.

  • Use natural tools to maintain healthy habits and manage a busy lifestyle.

  • Prioritise self-care and learn how to implement it as a daily practice.

  • Start creating real and lasting lifestyle changes.