Signposts from the Universe.

I have been using Tarot and Oracle cards for nearly three decades now, and although I predominantly use them for personal self reflection and guidance, I really enjoy reading for others.  For me the cards are not about fortune telling.  They do not predict your future or tell you what to do.  I use the cards as little signposts, a means for our inner self to communicate with us by highlighting or reflecting aspects of ourselves or a situation we might not have considered or feel uncomfortable addressing. So for example, the card that a lot of people who are unfamiliar with the Tarot often fear receiving is Death; however the card is not about actual physical death, but rather the death of a pattern, circumstances, or behaviour.  It signifies momentous transformation which, granted, is not necessarily always easy or welcomed, but is actually an unavoidable part of the circle of life.

I offer a number of different readings, with Tarot cards, Chakra cards, Sacred geometry cards, and Oracles.  Most readings are based on 3 cards (past, present and future) but I often add to it with additional supporting oracle or Chakra cards.