Hi, I'm Pen, and I'm so pleased you are here.

My love of essential oils stems from my love of magic: the greater mystery in life, the things that we know to be true, yet cannot explain how or why. There’s an insatiable quest to know everything these days which, coupled with our growing consumption and hedonistic lifestyles (despite all it's fabulousness) means we’ve become removed from the magical essence of life; we’re disconnected from nature. For me, the use of herbs and essential oils helps me SLOW DOWN and reconnect to the source. When we find ways to incorporate these elements into our every day life and self-care practices, the benefits to our overall health and well-being are noticeable.

I have used essential oils for most of my life, turning to them for many things from cuts and cramps, to cleaning and cooking, as well as creating my own beauty products and perfume. In recent years I've taken my learning deeper by exploring the emotional and energetic aspects of using essential oils, particularly in relation to our chakras and women's health on the climacteric (menopause) journey. Every day I am blown away by what is available to support us through Mother Nature and, as an IFPA, NAHA and AIA certified aromatherapist, I am incredibly passionate about how working with natural and plant wisdom can make us, and the World we live, a healthier and better place.

Now I work with women who also want to invite the benefits of natural self-care practices and essential oils into their lives. I offer massage, coaching, bespoke aromatherapy blends and online workshops that you can read more about here.

I live by the sea along the mid-North coast of New South Wales in Australia, with my ineffable husband and very demanding geriatric West Highland terrier where I’m lucky enough to watch the sun rise above the ocean most mornings.



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