Beyond the Bottle.

I've chosen to align myself with NYR Organic because it's a brand I've been personally using for well over two decades and trust whole heartedly.  The integrity of the company and the products is unlike any other I've experienced, and I feel confident standing behind every product they produce, knowing that it contains only the purest and finest ingredients that is sourced ethically and sustainably.

We are the modern apothecary using natural ingredients made from ethically sourced herbs, botanicals and essential oils, crafted with care at our eco-factory in Dorset, to create a potent blend of love, science and nature.
— Neal's Yard Remedies

The company was founded in 1981 and they were the first to introduce organic essential oils to the market in 1988.  In 2002 they became the first skincare brand to be certified by the Soil Association and more recently they became the first company to achieve 100% for ethics by The Good Shopping Guide. 

avocado-oil-provenance (1).jpg
We will be the global pioneers renowned for natural organic wellness and beauty with proven benefits for consumers and a way of doing business that benefits the planet.
— Neal's Yard Remedies

In addition to all the wonderful essential oils, I swear by their Frankincense Intense skin care range and I also use most of their body care products, so if you want any information or advice on any additional products they offer - just holler!

I've also created a recommended starter kit if you're new to the oils which you can see by clicking the button below.