Lunar Blends.

Next Workshop: New Moon, 17 March 2018

Working with the cycles of the moon is potent and powerful.  Using this as our guide, we'll be working in line with the New and/or Full Moon to create blends to help us sow seeds of our intention or release patterns which no longer serve us.

New Moon

Creating an essential oil blend with the new moon aligns you with your inner compass and helps guide you through the rhythms of the cycle by focusing your heart on the true north of your dreams.

Using some simple tools like journaling and vision boarding, in each New Moon blending workshop I guide you through a process of discovery and creation.  We will explore 6 essential oil profiles and through intentionally choosing oils that imbue your dreams, create a magical and creative tool to affirm your intentions for the remainder of the cycle.

Full Moon

The full moon is a powerful time of release and forgiveness. It's about letting go and looking within.  It's about healing and shedding the past. The full moon is also an ideal time to practice gratitude.

Using journaling and soul collaging we will explore what needs illuminating in the dark.  You will be guided through 6 essential oils profiles and through intentionally choosing oils that purify and cleanse, create space in our lives ready to sow new dreams in the next lunar cycle.

How it works:

You will have access to a private classroom containing a welcome video, information about the moon we are working with and how to connect to the energy of the moon.  There will be a supply list, a video guiding you on a selection of oils suited to the moon and blending instructions.  There will also be a guided meditation, journaling prompts and information on vision boarding/soul collaging. 

Classroom materials will be available for 12 months from the date of the lunar cycle.