Reclaim the knowledge and power.

The therapeutic properties of essential oils are not part of a new health fad, but rather a vital form of natural remedies that has been available to us since the beginning of time, yet forgotten along the way.  Now is the time to reclaim the power and responsibility of our own health and well being.

Modern living has disconnected us from the source, and despite the widespread benefits of modern medicine, our over reliance on science and chemicals has become detrimental to our health.  Essential oils support us by maintaining our health and promoting wellness so that we have less need for prescription drugs which simply manage illness.

By inviting essential oils into our home and into our lives, we are committing to act with more awareness. In setting our intention to reduce our reliance on chemicals and reducing the toxins in our lives, we are aligning with our natural selves.  As our result our innate intuition will reawaken and we will begin to hear our bodies again. 

When we take the time to listen, s/he will talk to us and tells us what s/he needs.

Everything that is created, including our individual lives, is manifested through the intention of our thoughts, actions, words and deeds. Our intentions vibrate out into the World and return to us in the form of our new personal reality.
— Margaret Ann Lembo