Join Us.

Do you dream of financial freedom and doing work that lights you up? 

Are you passionate about natural health?  

Do you believe in corporate responsibility and ethical trading standards?  

Are you thinking about starting your own business?  

Do you have a desire to inspire others to lead a healthy, happy life?

Whether you are a busy mum, recent graduate, therapist, or just someone ready for a career change, dōTERRA offers an amazing business opportunity.

Become part of a team of Wellness Advocates, and create your business at your own pace.  Choose the hours that work around you and your family.  Have fun building a business which inspires others and devote more time to the things you enjoy and believe in.  You'll have an ethical company behind you, a team of kindred spirits to support you and the opportunity to realise your full potential. 

To be successful you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart.
— Thomas J Watson

How does it work?

To get started, simply buy your first essential oils (we recommend enrolling with a Home Essentials Kit as it represents a great investment and has the top 10 oils every home should have) and be prepared to fall in love!  Seriously, that's how simple it really is.  Once you start using the oils and enjoying the benefits for yourself, you won't be able to resist telling others about it!

You'll immediately be part of our Mack Pack Business Building team which is a treasure trove of advice and support, plus we'll also be on hand to support you with training and mentoring.  All this within a safe and location-independent environment so that you can begin to empower others to live a natural essential oil lifestyle, through classes and workshops.  

What we love about this business model is it is the epitome of teamwork. There's a community spirit that supports and inspires each other, so that we all rise and succeed together. 

We won't lie, it's not quick and it's not easy, but what business is?  This isn't a 'get-rich-quick' scheme, and more than anything else it will challenge you and be a journey of personal growth as much as anything else.   But if you're willing to commit, to put in the hard work, to step outside of your comfort zone and grow, then the rewards can be manifold.

If you're ready to start your own doTERRA journey, click here and follow the instructions, or feel free to email us at with any questions!

Super excited to start building with you!