A Conscious Business.

I've also chosen to partner with dōTERRA for a number of reasons.

 1. dōTERRA essential oils are one of the best quality of oils I have come across with vigorous testing to ensure only the purest grade oils are sold to customers.

2. dōTERRA pride themselves on ethical sourcing and sustainability, working closely with the farmers and distillers directly to ensure this.

3. dōTERRA is available Worldwide.  So you can order from me and be supported by me, no matter where in the World you are.

4. dōTERRA aspires to serve people and communities and created the non-profit Healing Hands Foundation in June 2012.  The foundation partners with organisations like Operation Underground Railroad (who rescue children from sex-trafficking) and Days for Girls (who provide much needed education and hygiene solutions to women and girls in developing countries.)

5. dōTERRA supports the entrepreneurial spirit and offers a business model that anyone can embrace, create and nurture a business from.

Are the essential oils you use rooted in this much integrity?

Does it matter to you? Because this is everything to me.

If you would like to find out more about purchasing dōTERRA oils, click the button below!