Why it's our Home's Essential Kit


When I was first introduced to dōTERRA I jumped straight in with the Home Essentials kit because I was ready to start using the oils in as many ways as possible.  Since then, in addition to the revolutionary discovery of diffusing, I can honestly say I've used every single oil pretty much every week in one form or another.  Here are some of the ways it's improved, enhanced and changed our lives, and how the oils have benefited us practically (there's a whole post on the emotional values coming next!) in so many ways.

1. I use a couple drops of lemon in the dishwasher to give a really fresh smelling finish (btw, I'm on the hunt for eco-friendly preferably chemical free dishwasher tablets, so if you know of any, hit me up!  Otherwise I'm going to investigate making my own, so I'll let you know how I get on!) 

2. Lavender is a first aid "must have" and since purchasing my kit 2 months ago, I have used lavender on a burn, a cut, insect bites, and, mixed with peppermint, headaches too!

3. I put a couple drops of lemon on my face washer in the morning and breathe in the uplifting scent as I rinse it under some hot water before washing my face.  The best way to start the day!

4. I have two beautiful dogs (a Westie called Cujo and a Jack Russell X called Jake - they actually have their own Instagram account if you want to check them out!) but with that can mean the dreaded "doggy whiff."  So we often diffuse lemon, melaleuca and peppermint during the day which makes an effective cleansing and refreshing scent whilst neutralising any unpleasant doggy odours!

5. A tip I got from Aromahead is to use a couple drops of lemon after you wash your wooden chopping board and rub it all over the board with a paper kitchen towel.  Not only does it disinfect the board naturally, but leaves a lovely aroma in the kitchen too!

6. Lavender and frankincense is my dream team, literally, for a sleepy-time diffusing blend.

7. We've been adding lavender onto a wash cloth and putting it into the washing machine with our clothes and they come out smelling wonderful, particularly fabulous for bed sheets!

8. The anti-fungal properties of melaleuca worked wonders on a stubborn patch of eczema I had on my knee and after a couple of months it completely cleared up without the need to use steroids (which was what the GP has prescribed)

9. Sweaty Summer feet can get a little smelly, so I've employed this DIY recipe using melaleuca and peppermint to keep the stink at bay. 

10. I never realised how much I would love the scent of peppermint, but it's quickly become one of my favourites, and we always diffuse it (along with some wild orange) in the car for our long car journeys.  It's SO refreshing and uplifting together!

11. Again, on those long journeys (it's not uncommon for us to be driving home at 2 or 3am after a 10 hour day shooting a wedding) I would pop a drop of peppermint onto the palm of my hand and rub on the back of Cam's neck to help him stay alert and awake. 

12. Digestzen was a lifesaver in the last couple of months leading up to the change in our diet when my body was protesting and I had some real bloaty and indigestion issues.  I can see how many have described digestzen as the gateway oil, because the relief was immediate and near miraculous.  Although I haven't needed it as much since we've started eating vegan, I do not go anywhere without it now - just in case! 

13. Speaking of proprietary blends, breathe is another favourite (okay, I admit they all are - but I'm sure you're beginning to see why!) We diffuse it as an alternative sleepy-time blend mixed with a couple drops of lavender too. Divine!

14. When Cam was feeling a little chesty, I would dilute a few drops of breathe into some carrier oil and rub it over his chest, back and neck every 2-3 hours for relief.

15. I use frankincense DAILY as I just adore it.  I mix it with some of my other oils (myrrh, Hawaiian sandalwood, rose, jasmine and lavender) into a 50ml bottle and use it as part of my daily self-care ritual. 

16. I also add a drop of frankincense to my moisturiser (which happens to be frankincense based too!) just for an added boost! 

17. On Guard has been a gift to us during wedding season (aka we-can't-afford-to-get-sick) and the moment we feel so much as an inkling of a bug, we're diffusing it and massaging it into our backs and feet!

18. I have been susceptible to mouth ulcers in the past, and use On Guard as a mouth rinse which works a treat!

19. I also use On Guard as a surface cleaner and put a couple drops onto my cloth before wiping down the surfaces in my kitchen.

20. Deep Blue was extremely effective when I woke up with some lower back pain.  A couple drops diluted in some coconut oil was all I needed to get on with the day.  It's also part of my travel apothecary kit, and I even gave my little vial to a groom at a recent wedding who had a lot of back pain. 

21. Cujo had a lesion/infection on his belly that just wouldn't heal.  After a month and two rounds of antibiotics it was still weeping and bleeding daily.  So I decided to try a drop of oregano diluted in a table spoon of coconut oil and massaged it on his belly and between his paws. 3 days.  3 DAYS later it had healed.

22. Saving the best till last, my wonderful petal diffuser.  I cannot sing her praises highly enough, and now that we've added 3 other diffusers to the family, she has pride of place in the bedroom where we diffuse every night.  Her soothing hum is now part of my night time ritual I can't imagine being without.  Every home should have one.  Honestly!

It's been just over 2 months since I received my Home Essentials kit, and I already can't imagine life without it.  If you already have a kit or use oils, I would love to hear how you incorporate them into your daily life.  If you're interested in finding out more about how to get your hands on these oils, then click here or email me at hello@thefragrantapothecary.com