What Are Essential Oils?


The Power of Plants.

Essential oils are the aromatic compounds sourced from various parts of certain plants. They come from the smallest of flowers to the largest of trees and are all wholly unique in their chemical make up and complexity.

Far from being a new fad, essential oils have played an integral part in our lives for thousands of years with aromatic plants and oils used as incense and perfumes as much as for their medical properties. From the Ayurvedic system of medicine in India to well documented use in China, some of the earliest written records date back to more than 2000 BC.  There are over 600 references to essential oils in one form or another in the Bible, and over the years there have been many discoveries at archaeological sites evidencing their widespread and popular use.

Medical chemistry as we know it today, didn’t really come into play until the early 1800’s when a German apothecary’s assistant, Friedrich Serturner, discovered the raw chemical compound of opium from the poppy. With the scientific revolution of the early nineteenth century, chemists began to identify the various constituents of essential oils and over the years we have seen the shift from these natural derivatives towards synthetic copies. Nowadays the medicine we use often has very little to do with its natural origins.

There is no dispute that modern medicine has made huge advances and life-saving discoveries, but somewhere along the way we lost our intuitive sense and responsibility for our own general health and well-being.

“When you enter the fragrant pharmacy a whole World of possibility is waiting for you.”

- Valerie Ann Worwood