To Diffuse or Not to Diffuse, That is the Question



It wasn't until I signed up with dōTERRA and got my diffuser with the Home Essentials kit that I realised what a game changer a diffuser is.  Up until then, I was going old-school with the oil burner and tea light candle which, although I love in terms of connecting with the elemental energies, is not the most practical day-to-day application.

Then came the diffuser *cue heavenly music* and quite honestly, it rocked my World and I can assure you, if you don't have one yet, you'll probably end up with one in every room by the end of the first year of owning one! 

Like most things, not all diffusers are made equal.  Purpose is important, so a smaller, less robust diffuser could be suitable for a small office or spare bedroom.  However to diffuse in a more expansive space, like a living room, you will most likely need something a bit bigger.

Obviously as I was a Virgin Diffuser until the dōTERRA petal came into my life, I have strong loyalties towards her.  You can buy her through my dōTERRA link here and she comes as part of many of the enrolment kits (but you can buy her separately too).  Click here for more information on dōTERRA.

Neal's Yard also offer a range of diffusers here, and I'm about to invest in the Niko for our long car journeys, so I'll let you know how I get on with him when we do.

I also have this little guy from Amazon.  I've not had him for long, but so far so good.  I would say he's probably more suitable for a smaller space, but certainly an affordable investment to cut your teeth on if you're not ready to commit elsewhere yet, or as an addition to your diffuser collection!