Hi, I'm Pen and I'm so pleased you are here.

I have used essential oils for most of my adult life and over the years I've turned to them for many things, from the treatment of cuts and bites to headaches and stomach cramps.  In recent years I've also been exploring the emotional and spiritual essences and I am so passionate about how they can help make us and the World we live in healthier you will not find me without an oil or two on me at all times now!

I believe that inner health is reflected as outer beauty and nature can provide us with many holistic solutions for our health and well-being.  I'm also a strong advocate for removing synthetic chemical products from our lives (where possible) and truly believe now more than ever, we need to reclaim the ancient wisdom, knowledge, power and responsibility of ourselves. 

The therapeutic properties of essential oils are a vital form of natural remedies that has been available to us since the beginning of time, yet forgotten along the way. Modern living has disconnected us from the source, and conventional medicine tends to target the symptoms of disease as opposed to the source of the problem.  We live in times that are about managing illness as opposed to promoting wellness and I don't believe that's good enough.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

I want to give myself - mind, body and spirit - the best opportunities to make the most of this wild and precious life, and I want to help others do so too.  Since consciously working with essential oils and making a commitment to intentional living, I have experienced such positive changes in my life, I can't wait to share the gift and joy they bring to me. 

If you're new to the World of natural remedies and essential oils, welcome, and I'm are excited for the journey you are about to embark upon.  They are truly a gift from Mother earth, and a highlight and healer in my every day life.  If you're a seasoned traveler on this path, please share your journey with me as I'm always inspired by the stories of others, and grateful for the companionship. 

And for all who stumble upon this page, I hope this space will inspire and encourage you to invite these essential oils into your life, so that you too can embrace and enjoy the amazing benefits they bring to our health and well-being.