Welcome Video.

Apologies for the poor production value (watching in HD might help a little 😳) I think we left it a little late in the day to record, but we really wanted to have a welcome video here ready for you!

Thank you for being here!

Monday - Citrus Bliss

A day early, but there's a reason for that... Also, apologies for our very tired looking faces, we drove through the night following a wedding in Scotland yesterday, and didn't roll into our drive until 9:30am this morning! So we're feeling AND looking a little exhausted (although you can see breathing in that Citrus Bliss was exactly what I needed! Haha!)

Tuesday - On Guard

Morning (just!) lovely people and sorry for the delay in getting this video online, but my computer hates me, and was just generally making everything difficult!

Anyway (you probably won't believe this, but this is actually the shorter version!) today's video is all about supporting our physical self-care and protecting our immunity, particularly important around this time of year!

Wednesday - Frankincense

I'm afraid you only have me today, but I am talking about my all time favourite oil!

Thursday - Breathe

Today we talk about one of the most popular blends, Breathe.... #excusemybadhairday

Friday - Deep Blue

We are going off script today...

If you're ready to add Deep Blue (along with the other essential oils we've talked about so far this week + another 8 + a diffuser!) this is the month to join the club! Click here for more information:https://www.thefragrantapothecary.com/buy-oils 💙

Sunday - Zengest

It's our last day! Thank you SO much for being with us and we hope you found some of the videos and information helpful!

If you're interested in taking your self care further and complementing the use of essential oils, we're running a one-off online Neal's Yard Remedies workshop next week with some lovely samples for those who are interested. If you would like to join us, please email YES to hello@thefragrantapothecary.com, and I will add you to the list 💕