This is our time.


I know the journey to menopause can leave many of us feeling lost at the mercy of our hormones, and worried about who we are becoming. I work with women who are ready to embrace these changes and invite kindness, wonder, and reverence into this next chapter of their lives.  I truly believe our best is yet to come.



Working with essential oils can provide us with valuable support and insights into our emotional imbalances and guide us towards a better understanding of what we need. 

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Many of us are holding tension in our bodies without even being aware of it. Massage and self-care practices help us pay attention to our body, soothe the nervous system and release energetic blockages.

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Developing an awareness to make necessary lifestyle changes in areas of our life like relationships, career, creativity, and spirituality can fundamentally affect our overall state of wellbeing.

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Hi, I’m Pen.

I am a certified aromatherapist, prime-time health coach, and intuitive massage practitioner.

I am your cornerwoman.


Let’s do this together!


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Cultivating Self-Care, Alchemy of Menopause, The Natural Ageless Toolbox, & The Holistic Home

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